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Welcome to Website Unblocker. We believe the internet should be free and unrestricted for all. We can help you to unblock all your favorite websites and to surf freely and anonymously. Unblock Facebook, unblock YouTube, bypass filters and firewalls to view blocked websites with ease. We are free to use whether you're at work, school or at home and you can stay safe and anonymous online. We are hosted in the USA so that's where websites you visit will think you are, hiding your true location. Enjoy the freedom we offer and spread the word to your friends and family, and your colleagues too. Freedom is important, unblock web censorship now.

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For some websites to work properly you may have to uncheck 'Remove Scripts' in [options] above and/or use the mobile cell phone or lite version of the site where available. This is beyond our control.


About Us

Why would you want to use us? Because we can help protect you online. Every website will track and record your activity there, they log your IP address to get your location and log the pages you visit as well as the operating system and browser you use, even your screen size (really). Advertising networks also log your activity using cookies and beacons, this allows them to monitor your interests and preferences so they can show you more relevant ads, it helps them make more money and helps advertisers to market better to their target audiences.

There's nothing wrong with this usually of course but not all websites are as safe as you think, most are fine but not all. Some people also consider this an invasion of privacy. By using Website Unblocker to visit your websites you'll appear to be in the US wherever you are. Some websites are made to serve different content based on your location, or restrict web access to specific countries. Others are blocked altogether for whatever reason, Website Unblocker can unblock most of those websites for you giving you the freedom of choice.

There are some websites you shouldn't visit through us, they're the ones that rely on knowing who and where you are, for instance finance, banking and shopping sites, even eBay and PayPal can give errors or think you're not really you and cause problems later on. Just be careful and you'll be fine, enjoy the freedom we offer and stay safe and secure online. Website Unblocker can help you do that, and for free.